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Lee & Merritt LLC provides multiple financial services, focusing primarily on credit arbitrage. Our system has evolved since 1999 when we began exploring how credit is secured, maintained, lost and recovered. The knowledge acquired allowed us to maneuver successfully through the great recession without damage and, subsequently, to rehabilitate the financial wherewithal of those who were not as fortunate.

In a constantly changing credit environment, we have still managed to create significant cash flow for our clientele with various credit needs, ranging from individuals to mid-size businesses. The amount of credit that may be generated over time varies from $250,000 within a few months to in excess of $1 million and generally qualifies for 0% interest for the life of successive, medium-term loans. (For the financially astute, who reach the $1+ million plateau, months, if not years, are required.)

About Us

What began as a hobby with a deep and analytical interest in credit analysis has resulted in a passion to help people achieve their financial ambition. Whether it be a business start-up or a personal endeavor, raising capital invariably requires a delicate balance of competing factors. The more complicated the financial facts, the more we are energized. Our objective is to develop a solution for obtaining credit within the confines of banking regulations.

Operating in New York, Honolulu, Toronto, Singapore and Melbourne, we have acquired insight into the fundamentals of the western credit system, enabling us to secure credit for our clientele regardless of whether they are based in, or are from, North America, Europe, Australia or Asia.

Our Services

We understand the underwriting process of banks and credit unions. Knowing the myriad of in-house rules financial institutions employ, we identify which institutions are approachable and which are not and tailor credit applications to fall within the parameters for approval. Working with these establishments, we optimize credit for personal and business purposes.

While our concept may seem radical and untried, it is one savvy financial experts have previously identified, explaining both the merits of the credit card arbitrage and the risk; specifically, those who embark on the path need to have self-discipline. Two such articles are:

Leadership team

Gavin Lee, Director
Eton College, England
Columbia University, B.A. New York

Jason Eliot Merritt, Director
Rutgers University, B.S. (Biology), New Jersey
Columbia University, M.S. (Genetics), New York

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